Walking on the Red Road

The journeys of a middle-aged Washichu

17 March
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I am just a man trying to navigate through my middle years. I intend to use this journal to capture the mundane, as well as the extraordinary events in my life.

I began a Spiritual journey in 2007, a journey as unusual as it is unexpected. My ancestry is Bavarian, with a touch of Scots and Irish. When I finally heard Spirit's call, and opened the door to my spirit, Lakota (Sioux) spirituality best explained what was happening.

I am married to my High School sweetheart and am Father to 2 great young-adults. I became a Grandfather when my daughter married, March of 2009...and again on December 21st. Being "Papaw" is incredibly rewarding.

I am a retired US Air Force Senior NCO, and work for a major Defense contractor.